Tyler J. Colton

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Tyler Colton

Haworth College of Business - Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2011

In the short time since his graduation, Tyler Colton has developed an impressive résumé. He began his career with Michigan Braille Transcribing Fund as an intern while still at WMU in 2005 and has been there ever since, progressing to production manager in 2006 and president and CEO in 2009.

Michigan Braille utilizes inmate populations to create Braille materials and is the largest Braille production facility in the nation. Michigan Braille transcribes textbooks, contracts, legal documents, tests, exams, manuals, restaurant menus, election ballots and is home of one of the most advanced Braille graphic departments in the world, reproducing maps, charts and graphs in Braille. Colton has had a major impact on the organization, introducing Internet advertising, improving response to customers via smart phones, reducing production costs and gaining improved efficiency.

In addition to his duties at Michigan Braille, Colton teaches after-hours business courses to staff, focusing on computers, finance, business etiquette and other topics; these classes better prepare men for operating their own business when paroled or released. To date, he has helped seven individuals start their own businesses, all of whom have become successful.

He serves on the board of directors for the National Braille Association and is chair of two committees – fund development and public relations. He is in the process of starting a scholarship for continuing education for teachers and paraprofessionals for the blind and visually impaired. And he is active in his community with Lions International and Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Colton has been active with WMU's College of Health and Human Services and its Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies and has presented grants to the blind athletic camp, held on campus.