Letter from the dean

dear alumni and friends

professional photo of Satish DeshpandeThis year marks the 10th anniversary of our inaugural Business publication.

In this edition of Business, we focus on “The way we work” in many contexts.

  • The cover story on our namesake, Haworth Inc., focuses on the intersection of workspace design, culture and the contemporary employee.
  • The alumni perspectives section highlights three entrepreneurs who shifted gears in their careers.
  • Senior MacKenzie King’s story demonstrates how a multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving can help address global issues of great importance.
  • See our feature on strategic planning to see how the college is responding to the issues that face higher education institutions.
  • The way we all work is impacted greatly by data analytics, and we are preparing our students to be knowledgeable in analytics in many ways. The feature on our new Haworth College of Business Center for Data Analytics illustrates how we are leading the way in this area that is driving business decision making more than ever before.
  • See the student feature “What’s trending?” to hear more about how analytics is at the forefront of students’ thinking as they enter their careers, along with diversity and inclusion, leadership, lifelong learning and more.
  • You will see that we have added a new facility in the college: The Sanford Center for Financial Planning and Wellness. This center will assist students and community members with financial coaching in order to address gaps in populations that may not have access to financial planners and will serve as a catalyst for recruiting and activities for the personal financial planning major.
  • We are also celebrating some milestones with the 10th anniversary of the Zhang Career Center and the 5th anniversary of Starting Gate, the WMU student business accelerator.
  • As always, we celebrate our students and how experiential learning helps them to thrive, winning competitions, earning scholarships and launching successful careers, with the help of our outstanding faculty.

The most important element of the way we work in a modern business college is preparing students for great positions. Our goal is that Haworth College of Business students earn opportunities to help them build their careers and that the organizations that hire our students receive tremendous value.

I invite you to read, enjoy and take pride in your alma mater.


Satish P. Deshpande, Ph.D.
Dean, Haworth College of Business
(269) 387-5050