Entrepreneurship Forum

BlueOx Credit UnionEntrepreneurship Forum is a monthly series sponsored by BlueOx Credit Union and hosted by Western Michigan University's Haworth College of Business. The forum brings stories of entrepreneurs and startup success to the greater Kalamazoo community.

Reservations for the event can be made by calling (269) 387-5964 or at wmich.edu/business/e-rsvp. To recommend an entrepreneur for the series or request information, please contact Kim Crandall. Breakfast starts at 7:30 a.m.; presentations start at 8 a.m.

speakers 2019-20

September 13: David Wheatley, owner and principal, Humanergy

October 18: Rhonda Ethridge, founder, LifeCycles Studios

November 8: Kristen Chesak, executive director,  Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo

December 6: Mike Klok, owner and creative director, Stuffed Brain Studio

January 17: Tim Krone, owner, Pedal

February 14: Nathan Harte, chief sales officer, Inovelli

March 13: Brett Vanderkamp, president, and Amy Kenny, CFO, New Holland Brewing

April 10: Kiar Gamsho, CEO,  Midtown Fresh Market and Park Street Market

Speakers 2018-19

September 14: Curtis and Janette Tramel, owners, Station 66

October 12: Jeremy Andrews, founder and chief excitement officer, Sprout

November 9: Jesús Grillo and Lucy Mosquera, founders, New/Nueva Opinion

December 7: Pete Laforest, owner, B45 Academy

January 11: Scott Zylstra, proprietor, Old Mill Brewpub & Grill

February 8: Lara Hobson, director of operations, Starting Gate

March 15: Ben Nobis, founder, Nobis Agri Science

April 12: Valencia Scott, owner and creator, The Perfect Pucker

Speakers 2017-18

September 15: Idris Rashid, franchise owner, Chick-fil-A

October 20: Noel Corwin, founder, Gorilla Gourmet

November 10: Charles Grantier and Tim Davis, co-owners, Territorial Brewing Company

December 8: Kristin Fiore, founder, Down Dog Yoga Center

January 12: Adam McFarlin, owner, Kalamazoo Candle Company

February 9: Kevin Romeo, founder, Rhino Media

March 16: Roxanne Leder, owner, Decadent Dogs

April 13: Regi Kurien, president, Amhawk

speakers 2016-17

September 16: Stephen John and Joseph Barnett, founders, NeoVent | September 16 video presentation

October 14: Lucy Dilley, executive director and incubation partner, Can-Do Kitchen | October 14 video presentation

November 11: Benjamin Gott, founder, Boxed Water Is Better | November 11 video presentation

December 9: T.J. Waldofsky and Chris O'Neill, owners, One Well Brewing | December 9 video presentation

January 13: Karen Smoots, founder, The Green Glove Dryer | January 13 video presentation

February 10: Maria Brennan, co-owner, The Victorian Bakery l February 10 video presentation

March 17: Rich Daniels, founder, RNS Packaging l March 17 video presentation

April 14: Patrick Mixis, founder, Feed the World Cafe l April 14 video presentation

Speakers 2015-16

September 11: Jeb Gast, president, Fido Motors | September 11 video presentation

October 2: Tim Suprise, founder, Arcadia Ales | October 2 video presentation

November 13: Garrick Pohl, co-founder and CEO, Zipments | November 13 video presentation

December 11: Ben Martin, owner, Soil Friends | December 11 video presentation

January 15: Ryan Vaughn, co-founder, Varsity News Network | January 15 video presentation

February 12: Chris Lampen-Crowell, founder and co-owner, Gazelle Sports | February 12 video presentation

March 18: Steve Laham, co-owner, Chocolates by Grimaldi | March 18 video presentation

April 15: Susan Sonday, Emerald eCycling | April 15 video presentation

Speakers 2014-15

September 12: Ryan Preisner, co-founder and CEO, and Ryan Roff, marketing and creative director, BoldSOCKS | September 12 video presentation

October 17: Cynthia Kay, owner and president, Cynthia Kay and Company | October 17 video presentation

November 14: Norm Braksick, Foods Resource Bank | November 14 video presentation

December 5: Matt and Rene Greff, co-founders, Arbor Brewing Company | December 5 video presentation

January 16: Dan Bowen, founder, Dempsey Ventures

February 20: Jim Lyon, managing director, Separation Solutions | February 20 video presentation

March 20: Daniel Jefferies, founder, Newmind Group | March 20 video presentation

April 10: Christy Malone, founder, Smart Bottoms | April 10 video presentation

Speakers 2013-14

September 13: Ernie Pang, founder, Simply Eight | September 13 video presentation

October 4: Andrew and Kathleen Widner, owners, The Spirit of Kalamazoo | October 4 video presentation

November 8: Joel Mueller, founder, MacUpdate | November 8 video presentation

December 6: Matthew Moersch, winemaker/distiller, Entente Spirits

January 10: Dale Anderson, owner, Confections with Convictions | January 10 video presentation

February 14: Robert Kennedy, chief scientific officer, Vestaron | February 14 video presentation

March 14: Amy Proos, owner and CEO, Proos Manufacturing | March 14 video presentation

April 11: Kevin Brozovich, president and chief people officer, HRM Innovations, LLC | April 11 video presentation

Speakers 2012-13

October 19: Jen Randall, president, Maestro | October 19 video presentation

November 9: Dr. Robert Gadwood, president and chief scientific officer, Kalexsyn Inc. | November 9 video presentation

December 14: Patti Reinholt and Susan Terranella-Hoffman, co-founders, Cakes Boutique | December 14 video presentation

January 11: Bridget Lorenz Lemberg, founder and lab director of Forensic Fluids Laboratories | January 11 video presentation

February 8: Rick DeKam, principal and director of asset management, Midwest Realty Group | February 8 video presentation

March 8: Bridget Blough, owner, Organic Gypsy | March 8 video presentation

April 12: Ed Bernard, CEO, Bermo Enterprises | April 12 video presentation

May 10: Matt Mace, CEO and co-founder, BlueGranite | May 10 video presentation