Undergraduate research assistant program

photo of faculty member meeting with studenthaworth college of business undergraduate research assistant program

The undergraduate research assistant program provides an opportunity for Haworth College of Business students to work directly with faculty members on research projects. 

The program is a learning opportunity for undergraduate students and stays true to the University's learner centered and discovery driven research focus. This allows research-active faculty members access to additional assistance and provides financial support to the students who participate. 


Each academic department may hire up to five half-time (10 hours per week) undergraduate research assistants (URAs). Each research assistant can be matched with one faculty member, or hours can be evenly divided between two faculty members, depending on departmental need and availability. Research assistants may not be used to help with teaching-related activities or other non-research related work. The kinds of research activities they help with will depend on faculty members' needs and  research assistant capabilities. Center directors can also hire a research assistant.

Undergraduate research assistant


  • Haworth College of Business student
  • Demonstrated ability to be effective as a research assistant
  • Genuine interest in research


professor and student talking at white boardDepartment chairs determine which faculty members would like to be assigned a URA for the academic year to assist with research projects. Faculty members will provide information on the project and the required knowledge, skills and abilities for a prospective undergraduate research assistant.

In addition, an overview of how the past year's URA was utilized (if applicable) and what goals were accomplished with the help of the grant will be provided.

Departments will post openings as student employee positions, in the fall.

The department chair and the faculty member will interview and select the URA.

The department will process the appointment, specifying the faculty member the URA will be assigned to.

Undergraduate research assistants will be hired for $10 per hour.