Tasting success

anthony tam, b.b.a.'07

When you look at a mille crêpe cake from Anton SV Pâtisserie, you are looking at a minimalist work of art. And when you taste that same crêpe cake, you know there is nothing minimal about its flavor profile or the work that goes into creating this signature item.

As an integrated supply management major, Anthony Tam learned about enterprise resource planning, process improvement and sourcing, but he never thought he would one day be sourcing ingredients for his own business.

Yet, the idea of being able to control his future was greatly appealing to Tam, and his family’s background owning bakeries and bistros in Malaysia inspired him as well.

Tam began making crêpe cakes while also working for a Silicon Valley tech firm in the supply chain area, eventually deciding to make the venture his full-time occupation.

Each of his cakes takes  approximately two hours to make and consists of 20 layers of balanced decadence. Anton SV Pâtisserie offers Hokkaido milk, pistachio, matcha, tiramisu, vanilla, and black sesame cakes, each with unique qualities. “We use extremely high-quality, imported ingredients, and each bite gives you bold flavor but is well-balanced in terms of sweetness,” says Tam. “Because the sweetness level is well-balanced, the cake melts in your mouth and makes you crave another bite.”

"My process manufacturing and enterprise research planning classes have played a big part in how I run my production,” says Tam. “I never thought I would become an entrepreneur, yet a supply chain background can apply to running any business. This background helps me to get a handle on the inherent uncertainty involved in any startup." - Anthony Tam

Now two years into his business, word-of-mouth and social media are spreading awareness about Tam’s crêpe cakes, and businesses such as Facebook, HP, Tiffany and Company, and PayPal are serving up these delicacies at special events. Additionally, the company recently revised its business model to add wholesaling to restaurants and cafés around the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Pushing for even more sweet  success, Tam’s next goals are launching a line of non-crêpe petite treats and researching ways that his company can operate in a socially responsible way, giving back to the community regularly.