John S. VanAlstyne, B.B.A.'81

Guest professor in Marketing

CEO and President, I-CAR

Van AlstyneAs CEO and president, VanAlstyne leads the growth and strategic development of the organization. In his position, he works to cement I-CAR’s position as the leading provider and industry standard for technical education, knowledge and solutions that directly contribute to complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer. Prior to I-CAR, VanAlstyne spent twenty years in the automotive OEM and vehicle technology sector with companies such as Fisher Coachworks, a Detroit-based electric vehicle startup; Ricardo, a top global powertrain and vehicle engineering consulting firm; and Freudenberg-NOK, a global Tier 1 OEM parts manufacturer. Complementing his depth in automotive technologies, VanAlstyne earned an MBA from Michigan State University, a B.B.A. in marketing from Western Michigan University and is Lean Systems certified.