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Small Company Innovation Program 

The SCIP helps small Michigan-based companies meet research needs to support the commercialization of a product or service. By providing matching funds up to $40,000, SCIP makes university research possible for small business that may not otherwise be able to afford it. The SCIP also stimulates talent retention in Michigan by creating relationships between small companies and university graduate student researchers.

A small company can apply to be part of SCIP at any time when the need for resources at a public university in Michigan will accelerate product development and growth. Resources can be anything from faculty expertise, use of laboratory equipment and access to qualified technicians, testing services, business expertise and others. The industry/university partnership designs a project that will be conducted at the university. If the company and project are considered to be a good fit after being evaluated by SCIP, the program matches the company’s funds up to $40,000 and the universities pay for their own indirect costs. The company must provide its matching share upfront to the university as a condition for SCIP to release the grant funds to the university researcher(s).

Additional information is available at or you can contact the WMU Business Connection director, or (269) 387-6004.