Pictured is Joe Morden, Bill Morden and Jess Cook, WMU alumni

Opening the Vault of Brand Strategy

Pictured is Troy Butler

Culture with Troy Butler

Pictured is Janie Howell

Access and Ownership with Janie Howell

Pictured is Greg Durant

Leadership with Greg Durant

Pictured is Meagan Ward

Identity with Meagan Ward

Pictured are emergency service boats in a flooded area

Project Management: Disaster Staffing

Haworth College of Business
Pictured is an transfer student holding their five characteristic words

Finding Their Fit

Faced with a unique set of challenges, transfer students are looking to develop the skills needed to launch a successful career, and launch it quickly. How does the college cater to this kind of business student? The answer is BUS 3000, a class focused on the needs and challenges of transfer students at WMU.

Pictured are Dr. Scott Cowley and two students at the Haworth College of Business
Faculty and Staff

Meeting the Challenge: Classroom Takes on Social Content

Whether it's that hard-hitting article, an untenable controversy or a hilariously-crafted quiz, socially shared content runs rampant online. But creating engaging content while serving business goals is no easy task. Is there a formula to creating contagious content every time? Dr. Scott Cowley, assistant professor of marketing, seems to have it figured out.

Pictured is Dr. Mustaq Luqmani
Faculty and Staff

Celebrating 40 years at WMU and Still Going Strong

Dr. Mushtaq Luqmani joined WMU as a marketing faculty member in 1977, planning to teach at WMU for a time and move elsewhere, largely to lessen his severe seasonal allergies that the Michigan climate worsened. Little did he know that his allergies were no match for the love he would develop for WMU and its students. Now, 40 years later, Luqmani is still here and just as in love with the Department of Marketing, the Haworth College of Business and Kalamazoo as ever.

Pictured is an illustration of a young person holding a map, exploring the woods

Where will your Cluventure take you?

"We are definitely a newer sector of the travel and tourism industry, and still tapping into a niche market that is mostly unknown," says Desi Taylor, founder of Cluventure, a travel agency that provides unique and personalized vacations with a catch. Travelers don't know where they are going.

Pictured is a computer generated image of the new sales lab at the Haworth College of Business

Robert S. Kaiser Sales, Negotiation and Leadership Lab Opens to Students

During fall semester, the typically bustling sales lab traded students for construction experts, as the facility underwent an expansion and major renovation. Now, students and faculty are getting their first chance to use the facility, which bears the name of the lead donor to the project Robert Kaiser, B.B.A.'78, owner and chief executive officer of Gallagher-Kaiser Corporation.

Pictured is David Rozelle
Faculty and Staff

David Rozelle: The Mentor You Hope to Meet in College

"I learned about the strength of the college, the strength of the accounting department, and the strength of Beta Alpha Psi. In all three cases, there is a tradition of excellence that students discover, just as I did as an M.S.A. student at the college back in the medieval era."
-David Rozelle, shares reminiscences from his 38-year career at WMU.

Pictured are workers covered in hard hats, surveying machinery equipment

Finishing the Job: From Paint Shops to Family Legacies

Imagine stepping into a facility that is a million square feet. You see 40 million pounds of steel, equipment, robots flawlessly painting vehicles, and advanced systems specifically designed to clean the air. Many of us have never been inside a facility like this, but for the employees of Gallagher-Kaiser, it's all in a day's work, as the company sets the pace for its industry.

Pictured is Dr. Karen Schieman and Dr. Alan Rea
Faculty and Staff

Concussion App Development

Concussions are a hot topic in today's world. Many times the discussions center around athletes returning to the field before making a full recovery. Yet, many individuals suffer concussions each year. Concussions occur as a result of car accidents, recreational activity, slip-and-falls and other incidents. Dr. Karen Schieman and Dr. Alan Rea have teamed up to develop a mobile application that will help patients manage their symptoms post-injury and track their progress during their recovery period.

Pictured is a student posing with two mascots at a Tigers baseball game

A Semester at the Ballpark

The warm air, smell of hot dogs and popcorn, and the energy of fans excited to socialize with their friends and cheer on their favorite team—the excitement of a packed baseball stadium in the summer is infectious. Behind every game is a team of people working hard to make sure sports fans have a fun time at the game. In some cases, the team includes a group of students ready to take on the challenges that come with sports marketing and enhancing the fan experience.

Pictured is Dr. Melissa Intindola
Faculty and Staff

Forget the Balancing Act: Learn to be Flexible

"Just as it takes support at home to exist at work, it also takes a supportive organization to exist at home."
-Dr. Melissa Intindola, assistant professor of management and award-winning researcher

Pictured is a undergraduate student intoducing their professional identity

Professional Identity

"I am an explorer."
-Shreya Naseri
Learn more about nine students and their professional development.

Pictured is a young factory worker pulling a load of equipment in a factory

WMU Bronco Force—Always Innovating

Western Michigan University's Bronco Force recently joined forces with Urban Alliance, an organization devoted to fostering and promoting community development programs within urban communities. Their joint initiative will provide critical supply chain management industry support and training for unemployed and underemployed residents in the Kalamazoo area.

Pictured is a young high school student at a computer

WMU Hosts High School Students At Financial Reality Fair

#Adulting isn't easy. That's a lesson that nearly 100 juniors and seniors from Kalamazoo Public Schools and Schoolcraft Community Schools learned as they attended a financial reality fair at WMU.

Pictured is Dr. Satish Deshpande

College Welcomes New Dean

"I deeply value the talent, work ethic and creativity of our faculty, staff and students. As we work with the University leadership to pursue strategic goals for WMU, I know we will deliver initiatives that have a positive impact on the college, in the community and in the business world at large."
-Dr. Satish Deshpande

Pictured are graduate students at the Haworth College of Business

New Graduate Offerings

The steadily growing supply chain field boasts some of the highest salaries of all business degrees. And, companies will add more than 1.4 million supply chain jobs in the coming year. To meet the demand, WMU has launched two supply chain graduate programs at its Punta Gorda, Florida, location.

Pictured is Cris Obreiter
Faculty and Staff

Service, Family, Impact

Battalion Mom. It's a term of endearment that makes Cris Obreiter smile. "We are a family," she says about the Department of Military Science and Leadership/Army ROTC program where she has worked as the administrative assistant since 2004. It's a fitting nickname for the woman who is typically the first person to greet a new cadet arriving on WMU's campus.

Student Success
Pictured is Tika Bhujel

Golden Goals with Tika Bhujel

Picutred is Jonah Shafer

His Own Chief Financial Officer with Jonah Shafer

Pictured is Sarah Bonner

Finding Her Path with Sarah Bonner