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Western Michigan University ROTC ranked top in the state at national leadership training

KALAMAZOO- WMU’S ROTC was again recognized for the quality of its training program during this year’s Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) held at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Seattle, Wash.

This year’s participants included 17 cadets and the Bronco Battalion, finished in the top spot of 273 programs represented in Recondo. Recondo is a special program that trains cadets in necessary reconnaissance and standard infantry skills.

LDAC includes 29 days of training. Cadets from around the country participate in land navigation tests, the Army Physical Fitness test, land and water obstacle courses and situational training exercises. Cadets receive advanced leadership training; those who achieve standards in designated events are awarded the Recondo badge.

Other honors this year include:

“The WMU ROTC program gives students the opportunity to pursue their interests while maintaining a high standard. Cadets can participate in study abroad programs, and have advanced experiences in leadership and clinical nurses training,” says Lieutenant Colonel Hains, the Chair of the Department of Military Science and Leadership.

WMU has a tradition of producing some of the finest officers, dating back to 1950 when the program was established. It consistently ranks among the top ROTC programs nationally.

For more information about WMU ROTC, visit http://www.wmich.edu/rotc/.