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Cisco Networking Academy offers “must have” computer networking certification

Students are now gaining valuable computer networking fundamentals, theory and concepts to better prepare them for entry-level and advanced positions in computer networking through WMU’s Cisco Networking Academy.

Established last fall, the academy, emphasizes practical application of knowledge and the development of career skills to help students prepare for the growing number of computer networking positions across a range of industries.

The program, which  has over 15 students enrolled, provides the Cisco Certified Network Associate curriculum and in the future the program will include curriculums for the Cisco Certified Design Associate and the CCNA Security. The academy is hosted by the Department of Business Information Systems in the Haworth College of Business.

“WMU’s Cisco Networking Academy classes rank among the hardest, most time consuming and yet are the best classes I’ve taken at Western, which is why I’ve taken four of them!” says Nikolette Huang Rivera, a senior majoring in electronic business design who is taking the CCNA curriculum.¬† She offers the following advice for those interested in the program, “Be prepared to study a lot and learn a ton of information, because graduating with a Cisco certification will open up a lot of opportunities and is worth all of the hard work.”

Over the past year, five students completed the first set of classes in the CCNA curriculum and are enrolled in the final coursework. One of the students from the group has graduated, passed the exam and received his CCNA certification.

Ten students are in the process of completing the first set of classes.

Following the coursework, students will undergo an intensive boot camp to review the entire curriculum in preparation for the CCNA exam.

“By including the CCNA curriculum into our computer networking classes, our students learn computer networking concepts and then practice these concepts by using both real Cisco networking devices and Cisco simulation software,” says Dr. Pairin Katerattanakul, associate professor of business information systems who is directing the academy. “These hands-on experiences will greatly benefit and help our students pass the CCNA exam and earn certification. CCNA certification is a well-recognized certification in the computer networking industry worldwide.”