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Scott Mutchler, MBA ’07 – From Managing the Classroom to Managing Business Intelligence and Application Development

Scott Mutchler, MBA ’07, took his career from high school math teacher, to systems administrator, to the manager of the business intelligence and application development team for the marketplace division of Gordon Food Service with the help of the MBA he earned at the Haworth College of Business.  He started at GFS 16 years ago and has been climbing the ladder ever since, working in his current position for over two years.

He always planned on working towards an advanced degree; After starting a family and getting comfortable with his job at GFS, Mutchler began pursuing his MBA in 2003. A significant benefit he took from the program was receiving training in all areas of business which allowed him to understand different departments of a company, converse with people in those departments and truly understand their needs. He notes, “That is a big deal in software development … making sure that what we deliver is on target with the needs of our internal or external customers.”

The program has also taught him the difference between “business speak” and “tech speak” and when to switch back and forth, an important skill in any technical field.

In addition, he appreciated the fact that Haworth College of Business MBA faculty members truly understand their students, who are mainly working professionals. The program’s flexibility in scheduling gave him the opportunity to achieve his dream while maintaining his busy work schedule.  And, open-minded classroom discussions allowed Mutchler to learn not only from his professors but also from classmates with impressive and insightful work experiences as well.

Mutchler credits the Haworth College of Business for teaching essential skills and practices needed in the workplace, and for helping him grow professionally and personally.

“I took something of value from each professor and class,” says Mutchler. “One of my guiding principles now is to pass that along, to invest in people and help them grow as they are ready.  Pay it forward, you might say.”

He finds joy and meaning in being a mentor and seeing growth in his team, making his work at Gordon Food Service very rewarding.