Haworth College of Business News

“Urban Plunge” trip

Dr. Tim Palmer and Dr. Dave Flanagan, along with 26 students in the Strategic Business Solutions course, have made a difference in the community by participating in the fall “Urban Plunge.”

Four student groups visited different destinations in south Chicago, where they made a positive difference. Two of the groups collaborated with an organization called HOME, which provides housing assistance to low income citizens. Students assisted HOME by helping area elderly winterize their homes.

Another student group changed out the linens at Pacific Garden Mission, the largest mission in Chicago, and served breakfast at Inspiration Café.

The remaining two student groups helped out at REST working at two different shelters. One shelter is for homeless men and the other for women. In addition, the students worked at Interfaith House preparing a meal and orchestrating a Bingo game. Interfaith House is for homeless individuals who have just been released from the hospital.

Students were given the opportunity to tour Coyote Logistics facilities and to learn how Coyote contributes to the community. The “Urban Plunge” is designed to provide students with an understanding of the importance of community service and involvement.