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Abby Knapp, BBA ’09 – On the Cutting Edge of Consumer Engagement

Exactly one year from the day she graduated, Abby Knapp, BBA ’09, secured her dream job as an associate producer at ePrize, an interactive promotion agency that creates online games, apps and loyalty programs for clients like Coca Cola, Microsoft and HBO. ePrize has a staff of specialists that monitor trends in customer interaction, ensuring its clients have a leg up in the world of engagement. As associate producer, Knapp serves as the liaison between the client and her team, communicating changes in strategy and making sure important deadlines are met.

Flexibility is key in this role, and Knapp has learned a great deal already about prioritizing and quick thinking.  Just one month after Knapp was hired, the team faced a problem with a large project when an unforeseen obstacle halted production. They immediately held a creative meeting to determine a way to meet the client’s goals in a more feasible way. Knapp crafted a new solution (one that the client loved!), and they moved forward with the online game she suggested.

When asked about the most valuable part of her education, Knapp responded about the lengths that the Haworth College of Business took to make the classroom mimic the real world. “We can learn so much from the past; it’s important to focus on actual problems and results of other organizations,” she says. Her time at the College also helped her gain firsthand experience during an internship abroad in London.

She was motivated to be successful by her advertising professors. She recalls, “It’s obvious that they are passionate about their field and that they love what they do. They inspired me every day in class to think and create outside of my comfort zone.”