Cooper Frost, The 30

Cooper Frost

Cooper Frost jumped right in as a Business Bronco. From his first day on campus, he started getting involved in opportunities that would accelerate his career as well as help his peers achieve success. Frost values making an impact by serving as a teaching assistant, tutor, peer mentor and president of the Sales and Business Marketing Association at WMU. Outside the classroom, he has completed an impressive four internships in sales, management and marketing.

As president of SBMA, Frost has helped to grow one of the business college’s largest student organizations by engaging students early in their academic careers. He has helped increase first-year student participation tenfold, which means more Business Broncos are gaining professional experience at the start of their education. Frost also helps build and maintain recruiting relationships with employers nationally by organizing networking events and participating in collegiate sales competitions.

  • The Early Impactor

    Senior, Sales and Business Marketing and Leadership and Business Strategy
  • Favorite travel destination:

    Anywhere along state highway
    M-22 in northern Michigan. No matter the season, there is always something fun to do outside!
  • Favorite WMU professor:

    Dr. Melissa Intindola, because her teaching method is engaging, supportive, and impactful.

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