Jon Jackson, The 30

Jon Jackson, B.B.A.'15, M.A.'16, MBA'17

With not one, not two, but an impressive three degrees from WMU, Jon Jackson is out taking the business world by storm. As a talent management leadership trainee for the Fortune 400 company Republic Services Inc., he is a catalyst for diversity and inclusion, organizational development, learning solutions, employee relations and more.

A former lineman for the Bronco football team, Jackson’s natural ability to lead and collaborate with diverse groups has helped him create inclusive, supportive environments that build a culture of unity in the workplace. Jackson believes leadership comes from developing relationships and setting a vision for tomorrow while executing on that vision today. He hopes to one day lead his own human resource talent team that provides the tools to empower all employees.

  • The Triple Threat

    Talent Management
    Leadership Trainee,
    Republic Services Inc.
  • Favorite advice:

    My brother/mentor once told me, “Success isn’t just about what you accomplish, it’s about what and how you inspire others to accomplish. How you inspire others will affect your success long-term.”
  • Favorite Kalamazoo attraction:

    Waldo Stadium. The atmosphere is beyond amazing. From experiencing practices and games as a student-athlete to tailgating as an alumnus, it is the first place I go when visiting Kalamazoo.

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