Kameron Kampen, The 30

Kameron Kampen, B.B.A.’13

Kameron Kampen found the perfect pairing for success in sales and marketing, and he continues to capitalize on that combination. This two-time honoree of The 30 has taken on various roles on both the marketing and sales side of Stryker. In his previous life as a marketer, he managed one of the largest social media platforms in the med-tech space and launched new products to the Stryker sales team. The culmination of those experiences led to Kampen receiving the Marketing Excellence Award, given to his business unit’s top marketer, in 2016.

On the sales side, Kampen has sold in excess of $13.5 million and amassed the No. 3 ranked territory in the United States among 130 sales representatives. His outstanding sales record has resulted in multiple awards from the company, including the Sales Excellence Award, Rolex Award and Sales Training MVP. Additionally, he now oversees the training and development of 200+ sales reps in the emergency care, patient resuscitation/treatment, and public access businesses for Stryker.

His greatest achievement, though, is giving back. Kampen co-founded the KBVLK scholarship, providing $10,000 to students in the Haworth College of Business. He is also an alumni admissions ambassador for WMU, spent time on the Stryker Women’s Network medical leadership group, and officiated varsity basketball in Southwest Michigan for seven years.

  • The Closer

    Global Sales Training Manager, Stryker
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    Sales and Negotiation with Dr. Jim Eckert

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