Student Employees

Peer Leaders

Amy Belmares

Peer leader Amy Belmares

Cohort year: 2018-19 
Hometown: Donna, Texas
Year in school: junior 
Major: mechanical engineering
Why WMU? I considered Western Michigan University because it offered me the chance to step out of my comfort zone and undergo distinct experiences from those of my home state. The financial assistance received from CAMP along with WMU scholarships affirmed my consideration to WMU and I am now a third-year student. My years at Western Michigan University have been successful thanks to the support from CAMP. WMU has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Cristian Cardoso

Peer leader Cristian Cardoso

Cohort year: 2018-19 
Hometown: Bangor, Mich.
Year in school: junior 
Major: graphic design
Minor: leadership and business strategy
Why WMU?:I chose WMU because of its graphic design program, size, and location. My favorite CAMP memory is spending spring break in Querétaro with my fellow cohort.

Priscilla Flores

Peer leader Priscilla Flores

Cohort year: 2018-19 
Hometown: Jackson, Mich.
Year in school: junior 
Major: pre-nursing
Minor: Spanish
Why WMU?: WMU provided the opportunities to me that no other university provided. From the moment I stepped foot on campus I always felt very welcomed and accepted by the students and staff. My favorite CAMP memory will always be studying abroad in Querétaro, Mexico with some of my closest friends.

Lisbeth Morales

Peer leader Lisbeth Morales

Cohort year: 2016-17 
Hometown: Kalamazoo, Mich.
Year in school: graduate 
Program: Master of Science in Occupational Therapy
Why WMU?: I’ve stayed at WMU thanks to the support of CAMP and my other mentors. WMU has been my home away from home because I’ve been able to connect with friends who have become family and there are always things to do around campus. My favorite CAMP memory was studying abroad at Querétaro, Mexico.

CAMP Ambassador

Leslie Barajas

CAMP ambassador Leslie Barajas

Cohort year: 2017-18 
Hometown: Holland, Mich.
Year in school: senior
Majors: social work and sociology
Why WMU?: I chose WMU because of the resources there were for students like me. I also liked the size of the campus and how humble the setting felt. My favorite CAMP memory was our Chicago trip. The bus ride there we were all very energized and positive. I also got to see beautiful artwork at the National Museum of Mexican Art.

Marisol Robles

CAMP ambassador Marisol Robles

Cohort year: 2019-20 
Hometown: Hartford, Mich.
Year in school: sophomore
Major: pre-physician assistant
Why WMU?: I chose WMU because of their great pre-PA program, because of the great support system CAMP offered, and because it was full of many great opportunities for me. l also loved how welcoming both WMU and CAMP were from the very beginning. My favorite CAMP memory was going to Pretty Lake Camp and bonding with the staff and my cohort during CAMP orientation.

Recruitment Assistant

Magali Carrillo

recruitment assistant Magali Carrillo

Cohort year: 2017-18 
Hometown: Dowagiac, Mich.
Year in school: senior 
Major: public health
Minor: addiction studies
Why WMU? Although I'm not too far from home, WMU has been my home away from home since day one. It has provided me with many opportunities throughout my years here. I've been able to create strong bonds with not only my peers but also with faculty and staff. The CAMP staff has provided me with so much support in many ways. My favorite CAMP memory was being able to go to downtown Chicago with my cohort and make memories.