Objectives, Summaries, Profiles, and Branding Statements


  • Objectives work best when you know the job title, you have minimal experience in their field (i.e. student or recent graduate), or you career goals are not obvious from your experience and education.
  • Objective statements should be brief (2-3 lines), simple, and specific. A recruiter is interested in what you bring to the company.
  • Be specific and align with employer needs. State the job title if applying for a specific position. Identify what you can contribute (strengths, skills, areas of expertise).
  • Some people do not use objectives at all - it is a personal choice.
  • Don't use personal pronouns (I, me), and don't talk about your needs or desires. Focus on what you have to offer the employer.

"Enthusiastic management student seeking a summer internship with Target Stores. Offering strong communication and customer service skills to maintain satisfied and loyal store guests." 

 "Creative and enthusiastic classroom leader seeks a 6-12 secondary English teaching position with Kalamazoo Public Schools. Skilled in inquiry-based learning and available for after school academic and athletic programming."

Branding Statement

A personal brand is how others see you. A branding statement should address these three things:

  • Who is your audience?
  • In what way can you help solve problems?
  • How do you do this differently than others?

Energetic health services recruiter with the contacts, finesse with people and persistence to attract top talent.


Summaries are used when you have a variety of experiences. Summaries highlight the most important experiences relevant to the position, giving visibility to key strengths and talents for a specific field or academic discipline. With a summary, customize the cover letter or email for a specific position.

"Four years of editing and writing experience for college and high school newspapers. Interned as an assistant account executive with copywriting responsibilities at local advertising agency. Sold advertising space, managed advertising sales, promotion, production, and circulation. Winner of the 2013 Western Michigan University Lawrence, Clara, and Evelyn E. Burke Journalism Scholarship."


Profiles are best used for experienced candidates and graduate students. Profiles are opening statements packed with skills, personal attributes, and often bullet several accomplishments and qualifications.

"Seeking a health services position leading a team to improve the lives of patients. Redesigned an outpatient clinic that resulted in a 15% increase in productivity. Led a project team to evaluate space utilization in a pharmacy that managed over 3,000 medications. Utilized data, focus groups, and process improvement teams to lead space utilization and process improvement initiatives with 12 food service employees."