Graduating during COVID-19 pandemic

As you transition to your post-graduation reality during these unprecedented times, we, at Career and Student Employment Services, are here for you. Current Broncos and recent WMU alumni should reach out to us at or schedule a video or phone appointment using Handshake to get assistance with your job search.

As a WMU graduate, you are prepared to take your next steps. We are here to help you articulate your experiences and strengths you uniquely offer to prospective employers through

Expect to adapt and remain open-minded

The Covid-19 pandemic likely overturned your career plans, as some of the employers you wanted to work for might not be hiring right now. However, many organizations and industries are still hiring, so we encourage you to explore Handshake, where we post an average of 150 jobs every day. 

Right now, you might not be able to find a job that perfectly aligns with your major or your passion. Instead, you will need to focus on what is available and who is hiring. You might need to compromise and make concessions, but you will still get the experiences and gain the competencies that will set you up for the long-term success.

Focus on action and connections

Check out these resources on virtual networking and informational interviews:

Who is hiring now?

On average, 150 full-time jobs are posted on Handshake every day. Just in Michigan, there are 2,800 full-time job postings in many industries, including education; healthcare; manufacturing; local, state, and federal government; automotive; logistics; technology; non-profit; marketing, and much more. Review the list of 500 top employers throughout the U.S. hiring on Handshake right now.

Visit these websites frequently to see who else is hiring:

Virtual job fairs

Virtual interviewing best practices

Need More Skills?

Consider taking free online courses to round out your skill set and stand out as a candidate:

Take charge of your finances

Remember, Career and Student Employment Services Team is here to support you through your transition from college to career.  Contact us today at or schedule a virtual career advising appointment.