Temporary part-time or remote work during COVID-19

We understand the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts many students' employment situations. We compiled these resources to help students find part-time, remote, and work-from-home opportunities, and we update them as often as we find more information. 

Local hiring for face-to-face jobs in communities:
  • Grocery stores, hardware stores, and pharmacy stores are hiring temporary staff to help with stocking and curbside delivery, and also to fill in for regular employees who have to stay home to care for family members or are ill themselves - students should check with their local stores.
  • Amazon is mass-hiring for warehouses and delivery (expected to add around 100,000 employees to meet demand). 
  • Perrigo has immediate openings in packaging, manufacturing and warehouse - call Allegan Manpower at 269-673-5457.
  • list of Southwest Michigan employers currently hiring (please note: we did not vet this list, published by 103.3 KFR, a Kalamazoo radio station)
  • Grocery delivery services  (Shipt, instacart, etc)
  • Third-party food delivery services (UberEats, Door Dash, Grubhub, Mr Delivery, etc)
  • Medical scribe companies, such as Helix Scribe Solutions or ScribeAmerica.
  • Tutoring opportunities - since schools are closed, many families seek tutors. Check with neighbors, advertise on personal social media, or join your neighborhood on the Nextdoor app to search for opportunities.
  • Some chain restaurants are hiring people to package orders, deliver orders, and to fill in for people who have to take leave.
  • Some local restaurants may be doing the same, if they're able to support additional staff.
All of these sites have filters for remote or work from home, part-time, and entry level jobs: 
Additional resources: 
  • The Muse (only filters remote, entry-level, mid-level, senior-level)
  • ZipRecruiter (only filters work from home and part-time):
  • SkillCrush blog posted the best 25+ sites for finding remote jobs. The beginning of the article explains the difference between working from home, telecommuting, and working remotely; then each entry includes the website, what skills it focuses on, and how the site is organized. We did not vet any of these boards to see if candidates or employers are charged fees.
  • Want your resume reviewed before you apply? Email it to wmu-handshake@wmich.edu, and we will return an edited version within three business days.