Career Outcomes for 2014-15 Graduates

Post Graduation Success 2014-15. 88% employed or in grad school. 93% satisfied with their job. 87% have jobs related to their major. Median salary: $40-45K, 62% work for for-profit businesses, 17% for educational institutions, 16% for non-profit orgs, and 5% for government. 75% found jobs in Michigan

Career and Student Employment Services surveyed all (N=5217) WMU students graduating with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees between August 2014 and June 2015. Data was obtained for 75% of the population (N=3929).

88% of WMU graduates were actively engaged within three months of graduation.

“Active engagement” is defined as full-time employment (including self-employment and post-graduate internships/fellowships); part-time employment; military service; and continuing education. Categories not included in active engagement are unemployed and seeking employment; not seeking employment; and volunteering.

Primary Activity Summary

Actively Engaged N=3465 88.2%
Employed full time N=2510 63.9%
Employed part time N=325 8.3%
Continuing education N=603 15.4%
Military service N=27 0.7%
Not Actively Engaged N=464 11.8%
Unemployed and seeking N=405 10.3%
Not seeking employment N=47 1.2%
Volunteering N=12 0.3%

Full-Time Employment Highlights

  • 64% of respondents were employed full time.
  • The median salary was $40,000–$45,000 based on 1580 reported salaries.
  • 87% have a job that is related to their degree based on 1636 responses.
  • 93% are satisfied with their job based on 1426 responses.
  • 75% work in Michigan; 22% work in 46 other U.S. states; and 3% work in 22 countries outside the U.S.

Continuing Education

  • 15% of respondents are pursuing further education after graduating from WMU.
  • 54% are continuing education at WMU, and the remaining 46% will attend 118 different institutions. 

Experiential Education

  • 75% of respondents completed an experiential education activity at WMU based on 3758 responses.

Full WMU Post-Graduation Activity Report 2014-15