Doctor of Philosophy

President Dunn shaking hands with a doctoral student on stage at graduation

Joseph Kreft reflects on his recent graduation, "Stress and pressure are not always necessary to learn something well, but to never experience failure as a student or afterwards, is to never know where the edge of your potential lies, cheating yourself of growth beyond your limits not yet perceived."

The Doctor of Philosophy with an emphasis in environmental chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Western Michigan University is a research degree designed for persons intending to take a leadership role in teaching or research in applied areas of environmental chemistry.

The program takes an innovative approach, using the skills and expertise provided by the traditional areas of chemical study as the foundation for addressing chemical processes occurring in the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. The program is designed to offer flexibility so that a full-time student may complete the degree in four years and a non-traditional student could be accommodated around full-time employment.

Program goals

The educational goals of the program stress:

  • A literate acquaintance with another environmentally related discipline such as biological science, hydrogeology or paper science.
  • A well-rounded expertise in chemistry.

These educational goals provide scientific breadth not often found in traditional chemistry degrees. Combining formal education with a research endeavor encompassing a chemical discipline provides you with the high quality education necessary to contribute to the resolution of the expected and unexpected environmental issues of the future.

Program requirements

See the WMU catalog for program requirements.


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