CAPE Program Application

CCAMPIS Grant Childcare Tuition Program and College Assistance for Parenting and Education (CAPE 2017) Program Application

Parent information

WMU identification number

Child number one

Child number two

Child number three

CCAMPIS Grant Childcare Tuition Program and CAPE Program

  • I understand that the CCAMPIS Grant Childcare tuition rate is based on student enrollment status, Pell Grant eligibility and additional commitments involved in the CAPE program through the WMU College of Education.
  • I understand this is only an application for the CAPE program and reduced child care rates as part of the CCAMPIS grant and that completing this form does not mean that I am accepted into the program or eligible for reduced child care rates. I understand that I will be officially notified when and if I am accepted and I agree to pay the regular applicable child care tuition rates until that time.
  • I understand that if I am Pell grant eligible, student enrollment eligible and there are open CCAMPIS grant spaces for my child(ren), I will be notified of acceptance and will begin to receive the CCAMPIS grant rate at that time, however, if at any time during the semester/session I have failed to complete any portion of the CAPE program or become non-enrolled at WMU, my rates will immediately revert to the regular applicable child care tuition rate.
  • I also understand that failure to complete any one semester/session under the CCAMPIS Grant Childcare Tuition Program may disqualify me from the CCAMPIS grant rates and CAPE program for the following semester/session.