College Assistance for Parenting and Education Project

What is CAPE?

The federally funded College Assistance for Parenting and Education project allows Children’s Place Learning Center to provide a support system for both parents and children.  CAPE offers financial, academic and social support programs for parents to help them graduate from college.

Federal funding allows CAPE to offer Pell-eligible student parents at WMU reduced child care tuition that meets their specific needs and budgets. Parents must be enrolled in classes each semester to receive the reduced child care rate.

Project directors will monitor participants’ progress toward graduation by reviewing academic records. Individual consultation with CAPE project directors is available to help students get tutoring and other academic help.

Throughout the semester there will be a variety of opportunities for families to play and learn together. These activities are Family Fun Nights, Parent Meetings, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Developmental Assessment Appointments, Field Trips and Community Workshops. CAPE participants are required to attend at least two activities per semester.

Who is eligible for CAPE?

  • Enrolled as a student at Western Michigan University.
  • Eligible to receive the Pell Grant (in your financial aid package).
  • Have a child enrolled in the Children’s Place Learning Center.

What are the requirements for CAPE?

  • Attend the required number of family activities.
  • Agree to retrieval of your academic records (all reports use the aggregate statistical information gathered from all participants, no individual is mentioned or reported separately).
  • Continue to be enrolled in at least one class at WMU.
  • Continue to meet your financial obligations at the Children’s Place.
  • Continue to meet enrollment requirements at the Children’s Place.

How do I join CAPE?

Complete the online application. The project directors will review your application. If you meet eligibility requirements and agree to fulfill the requirements of the program you will be enrolled in the program.