Returning Families

Enrollment application

Enrollment priority dates

  • Fall semester—April 25
  • Spring semester—Nov. 25
  • Summer I session—March 25
  • Summer II session—March 25

Request for semester schedule

Please complete an enrollment request to reserve your child’s enrollment schedule for each semester. Requests are processed in the order they are received. 

Schedule changes

The staff of WMU Children’s Place recognizes that schedules occasionally need to be adjusted. If you need to make a change in your child’s schedule, please complete a Schedule Change Request form and return it to the center at least two weeks in advance. You will receive confirmation of your schedule change.

Registration fee

Annual registration fee of $45 ($75 for families) will be applied at the beginning of the semester (of initial enrollment).

Inclement weather

If Western Michigan University closes due to weather conditions, the center will also be closed, and this will be announced early in the morning on television and radio or you may call the WMU Closure and Emergency Hotline at (269) 387-1001. You will not be called directly from the center. There will be a message on the answering machine.

If the weather becomes severe while your child is at the center, and the center decides to close for the safety of all involved, we will notify you or an authorized person to come and pick up your child. The center will remain fully staffed and functioning until all children are in the care of their families.


Children enjoy celebrating their birthdays in the center with their friends. We will have a simple birthday celebration on or near each child’s birthday. If you wish to send a treat on this occasion, you are welcome to do so.