Parent Resources

Family participation

We welcome parent visits to the center at any time and appreciate your involvement. You are the most important component in your child’s development, and we encourage your participation and interaction. Please feel free to discuss your child’s progress of any concerns with our teachers and staff.

Parent meeting

Family Fun Nights are planned three times during the year and provide a relaxed atmosphere for families to get to know each other and their child’s teachers. These nights are similar to an open house. Food is provided as well as activities for parents and children. Opportunities are provided for families to talk with each other and with teachers in an informal, casual setting. 

Activities focus on curricular goals with an emphasis on activities that parents could do with their children at home.

Primary caregiver (toddler)

You and your child will be assigned a primary caregiver. This primary caregiver creates a caring, nurturing and responsive relationship with your child and provides continuity of care. In the classroom, this person will be the “expert” on your child and will keep abreast of all pertinent information about your child’s day and developmental needs.

Daily communication

To keep you informed of your child’s day, our teachers are available to review your child’s active day. Our toddler teachers will provide parents of toddlers with a daily report of your child’s activities so you can stay actively involved in your child’s growth and development. Daily reports include information about diaper changes, meals, naps and other activities.

Parent conferences

Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled each semester. This meeting gives staff members the opportunity to personally share observations about your child’s development with you.


To help parents stay connected, the Children’s Place Learning Center distributes a parent newsletter highlighting important information and events.