Tuition Rates and Fees

A non-refundable enrollment fee of $45 per child ($75/family) is assessed when children are officially enrolled in the program. Parents who withdraw their children and then re-enroll, will be assessed the $45 ($75/family) charge with each enrollment. If enrollment is cancelled due to failure to pay tuition, parents will be assessed the $45 ($75/family) charge for each re-enrollment.

Tuition is based on the number of hours per day for which the child is enrolled. Children must be enrolled for a minimum block of four hours and a minimum of 12 hours per week. Parents will receive a payment schedule each semester. Rates include breakfast, lunch and snacks (provided the child is in attendance during the times food is served).


Type of careRatesWMU student parentCAPE/CCAMPISBack-up Care
Toddler hourly
(15 months to three years)
$7.75/hr $6.50/hr $3.20/hr $8.50
Toddler weekly
(15 months to three years)
$232.50 $232.50    
Preschool and school-age
(3 years and up)
$7/hr $5.75/hr $2.83/hr $8.50
Preschool and school-age
(30 hours or more)
$210 $210    

Rates effective September 2018.

Rates subject to change, with notice. Schedules must be a minimum four hour block each day. Additionally, the child’s weekly schedule must be at least 12 hours per week, with an understanding that you will pay for hours reserved.

The enrollment fee is not billed to your account until your child is enrolled. No charges are applied to your account as long as you are on the waiting list awaiting enrollment. Tuition is billed bi-weekly. Payments are due according to the dates listed on your Child Care Agreement, which you will receive on the first day your child attends the center. You will sign and receive a new Child Care Agreement each semester your child is enrolled at the center.

Checks should be made payable to Western Michigan University. Payments may be made at the cashiering office in the Seibert Administration Building. Mail to: 1083 Seibert Administration Building, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5282.

Students who are waiting for financial aid to be dispersed should plan to keep their child care payments current until their financial aid comes in.

Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance, therefore, no credit is provided for absences due to illness or other times the child is not in attendance. The only exception is between semesters and the week of spring break. The center reserves the right to revise the WMU Children's Place tuition. A 30-day written notice of any tuition change will be given to parents prior to its implementation.

Payroll deduction

WMU faculty and staff parents can now elect payroll deduction for child care fees. A Payroll Deduction Authorization form (available at the center) should be completed and returned to WMU Children's Place. In order to facilitate automatic deductions, you need to compute how much you need deducted each pay period to cover your current schedule of reserved hours.

Schedule changes require two week's advance notice. To change your schedule, you must fill out a Schedule Change Request form. If the schedule change results in a permanent change in the amount authorized for deduction, you need to fill out a new Payroll Deduction Authorization form. One-time charges, such as a late fee or temporary schedule changes for additional hours of care, will be noted on your billing statement. Payment for one-time charges not covered by your payroll deduction can be made at Cashiering/Customer Account Services.