Faculty Research Grant

Photo of Dr. Ann Veeck with a family in China.

WMU Professor Ann Veeck (second from left) with a family in China.

The Light Center for Chinese Studies provides support to Western Michigan University faculty for research and creative activities related to the study of greater China. All board-appointed, full-time faculty are eligible to apply.

Timothy Light Center for Chinese Studies Research Grants are valued at up to $3,000 each. The deadline for submitting proposals is Feb. 8, 2019. One or two proposals will be funded each academic year; recipients will be announced March 4. Funded projects must be completed during the period from May 1 to April 30 of the following year. 

Grant flier


Applications should consist of the following:

  • Application cover page: project title, name, academic title and contact information (email, telephone, department, college).
  • Abstract of the research proposal (maximum 250 words).
  • Research proposal, including statement of purpose, importance of research, review of related studies, timeline and expected outcomes (maximum two pages, single-spaced).
  • A biographical statement that describes how the research will enhance Chinese studies at WMU (maximum one page, single-spaced).
  • Itemized budget.
  • Detailed description of funds currently available, applied for, or that will be requested from other sources (internal and external) for the same purpose.
  • Curriculum vitae.


Proposals will be evaluated by the Light Center for Chinese Studies Board of Advisors based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of proposal.
  • Importance of the proposed research to the field of Chinese studies.
  • Potential benefits of the proposed research to Chinese studies at WMU.
  • Competence of the applicant for proposed research as indicated by academic qualifications, research experience and language skills (when applicable).

Timothy Light Center for Chinese Studies Research Grants may only be used for expenses directly related to research, including:

  • Travel and subsistence costs directly related to the research.
  • Compensation for research assistants required to conduct the research overseas.
  • Consumable research supplies.
  • Subject or participant fees.
  • Other direct costs required to carry out the proposed research.
  • Purchase or access fees to secondary data or library sources.
  • Subvention for the publication of an academic book.

Applicant salary and research hardware are non-eligible expenses.

Funded projects must be completed in the calendar year beginning May 1 following announcement of the award; recipients will be required to submit a two-page project report.

Completed applications must be submitted electronically to hige-lightcenter@wmich.edu by Feb. 9, 2018.

Award recipients

2018—no proposals selected

2017Dr. Li Yang

2016Dr. Victor Xiong

2015—Dr. C. James Hueng and Dr. Xiaojun Wang

2014Dr. Bernard Han and Dr. Andrew Targowski

2013Dr. Ann Veeck 

2012Dr. Yuan-Kang Wang