K-12 Services/Outreach

  • The Confucius Institute at WMU strives to strengthen collaborations between local K-12 schools and community businesses to train teachers and offer language and culture programs.
  • The services and outreach programs provided by the Confucius Institute aim to prepare students to meet competive and global market demands.
  • The Summer Camp Program in China is for high school students enrolled in Confucius Institute Chinese language programs.
    Dr. Yi Wu shows China in the globe to the students .

    K-12 Students learn Chinese Culture

How you can get involved?

  • Learn from us! Enroll in Chinese language and culture classes.
  • Have fun with us! Attend events hosted or sponsored by the Confucius Institute at WMU.
  • Invite us in! Bring Chinese language and culture to your classroom, business or event by inviting the Confucius Institute at WMU.
  • Contact us for more information. 

More information on Confucius Institute at WMU's community partnerships and Summer Camp Program:

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