Spring 2024
CRN: 11898
CHEG 2611 - Environmental Engineering I

The sources, impacts, and management practices for gas, liquid, and solid byproducts of natural, industrial, and municipal sources. Legal, ethical, engineering, and economic implications included in evaluation of applicable emission reduction and emission control techniques and processes will be stressed. This course satisfies WMU Essential Studies Level 2: Exploration and Discovery – Science and Technology Category. This course also meets the Planetary Sustainability student learning outcome.

Additional Information

Campus: Main
Schedule Type: Lecture
Instructional Method: Traditional
Attribute: Area VII: Natural Sci & Tech           Planetary Sustainability SLO           Scientific Literacy SLO           Science and Technology

Prerequisites and Restrictions:
(CHEM 1100  Minimum Grade of D  OR
 CHEM 110   Minimum Grade of D) AND

(CHEM 1110  Minimum Grade of D  OR
 CHEM 111   Minimum Grade of D) AND

(MATH 1230  Minimum Grade of D  OR
 MATH 123   Minimum Grade of D  OR
 MATH 1710  Minimum Grade of D)

Instructor(s): Atilhan, Selma (Primary)

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