Summer I 2024
CRN: 20759
GEOG 2250 - Intr Meteor & Climat

(Science credit) A non-mathematical analysis of atmospheric behavior. The fundamental physical laws affecting the elements of weather - solar radiation, temperature, moisture, pressure, and winds are examined during the first half of the course. Weather systems and forecasting, atmospheric optics, climatic change, and regional climates are examined during the second half of the course. Laboratory meetings dealing with instrumentation and weather map analysis are an integral part of the course. This course satisfies WMU Essential Studies Level 2: Exploration and Discovery – Scientific Literacy with Lab Category. This course also meets the Planetary Sustainability student learning outcome.

Additional Information

Campus: Online Education
Schedule Type: Lecture
Instructional Method: Online Semester
Attribute: Scientific Literacy with a Lab           Planetary Sustainability SLO           Scientific Literacy SLO

Course Fees:
Geography Class Fee $5.00 per Bill Hour fee

Instructor(s): Meng, Lei (Primary)

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