Summer I 2024
CRN: 21992
TEL 3100 - Second Language Learning

This course fulfills the requirements for WMU's Essential Studies Level 2 course for World Language and Culture and addresses the following learning outcomes: Investigate, explain, and reflect on the relationship between products, practices, and perspectives of a non-Anglophone culture in context; Make connections and comparisons between two or more languages/cultures, one of which is non-Anglophone; Demonstrate awareness of how diversity and inclusion affect yourself and others; and Demonstrate awareness of how diversity and inclusion have been affected by continuities and changes over time. This introductory course is designed to engage students in learning about the history, theories, and principles related to second language acquisition. Students will explore their families’ and others’ linguistic and cultural history and relate these to issues of linguistic and cultural diversity and inclusion. Students will also learn a second language of their choice, learn about the culture associated with it, and develop basic communicative and intercultural competence. Students will identify and critically analyze theories and principles of second language acquisition in their own second language learning experiences. This course also meets the Diversity and Inclusion student learning outcome.

Additional Information

Campus: Online Education
Schedule Type: Lecture
Instructional Method: Online Semester
Attribute: Diversity & Inclusion SLO           World Language and Culture


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