Fall 2022
CRN: 44922
ENVS 4160 - Worlds of Waste and Recycling

This course offers a broad overview of the contemporary global recycling system. With roots in the 19th rise of industrialization, consumer culture, and urban sanitation, our current system relies on fixed infrastructure around the industrial world, as well as the free flows of global commodities, including natural resources and waste products. Embedded into that system is the persistence of intense (and dirty) manual labor across the globe to glean usable materials from other peoples' discards. This course explores what it would take to make recycling cost-effective, fair to all engaged in its processes, and more environmentally friendly. In essence the course explores the true sustainable potential of recycling. This course satisfies WMU Essential Studies Level 3: Connections – Global Perspectives Category.

Additional Information

Campus: Main
Schedule Type: Seminar or Studio
Instructional Method: Hybrid
Attribute: Global Awareness SLO           Global Perspectives           Oral&Digital Communication SLO           Planetary Sustainability SLO

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Instructor(s): Gish, Justin S (Primary)

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