Final Internship

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Final internship requirements

See our  internship handbook to learn about applying for your internship and requirements for starting your internship. 

The placement process

 See our internship handbook to learn about the process for placing teacher candidates in a school.

Next steps after placement

 To learn what to do after you are placed in a school, read the Initial Responsibilities section of our teacher candidate checklist.

Background checks

See WMU background check procedures to learn the process for completing a background check in your assigned district. 


See our internship handbook to learn about the seminar all teacher candidates take during their internship.

Final internship policies

See our internship handbook to learn about attendance, substitute teaching, early release and other university policies in place during your internship.

How to get certified

For certification information, visit Teacher and Administrator certification. The Michigan Department of Education has an approved list of adult/child CPR and first aid providers.For additional questions contact The Department of Teacher and Administrator Certification at (269) 387-3473 or Laura Ciccantell.

Additional Questions

Contact us in the Office of Clinical Experiences.