WMU-Clinton Township is situated on the center campus of Macomb Community College in the University Center. The center was designed 25 years ago to offer Macomb county, and surrounding residents, the opportunity to earn advanced degrees close to home. Macomb county does not have a university within the county boundaries and this is a solution.

The University Center has 12 colleges with varying degrees including a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree. No two universities can offer the same degrees in order to make the offerings diverse for students. Each degree offering leads to either a bachelor, master or doctorate degree. Most programs are catered to the contemporary student to fit the demands of work, family and life balance.

The facility offers an array of services for students:

  • Extended hours until 10 pm (hours may vary)
  • Weekend hours
  • Quiet study lounges
  • Study lounge space for group work
  • Computer lab access
  • Pay per page printing
  • Full time building manager
  • Fully equipped classrooms

To learn more visit the University Center website.