Public Relations

Student smilingThe public relations major prepares students for a career in the growing field of public relations by integrating theory and practice in its curriculum. Students learn the foundational principles of strategic management, research-based decision making, persuasion, crisis communication, reputation management and ethics in public relations. Students have multiple opportunities to apply this knowledge as they produce a wide variety of written PR materials and design PR campaigns for real organizations in the local community. Additionally, the major offers opportunities to enrich students' learning experience through participation in internships and professional PR student organization, positioning Western Michigan University students among the most competitive on the public relations job market.

Program benefits

This major offers an excellent integrated approach of several academic disciplines in the expanding field of public relations. You will learn the following skills:

  • Attitude Analysis
  • Strategic Thinking & Planning
  • Strategic & Persuasive Writing
  • Core Principles of Ethical Decision-making
  • Critical & Analytical Thinking
  • Research Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Ethical Persuasion
  • Crisis Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Public Relations Campaign Management
  • Media/Social Media Management
  • Multimedia Design & Production
  • Event Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Webpage Development/Design
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Leadership


Current requirements for public relations:

public relations

Declare as a major

If you are not currently in School of Communication and would like to switch to a public relations major, please meet with the School of Communication academic advisor to discuss the major.

You may declare a public relations major online when you have completed the pre-communication courses for your catalog year and have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5. If you have questions about the declaration form or your requirements, please contact the School of Communication academic advisor.

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