An experience that knows you, what you need, and guides you to the right resources and support.

The new is goWMU here!

The new goWMU is here and ready to explore at Launch apps, browse articles, subscribe to notification groups, and submit support cases to get the service and support you need. This spring, goWMU Success Hub will be launched, where students can schedule appointments with their academic advisors and success navigators, see their success plans and more easily navigate their academic pathway.

The current GoWMU, at, will be available until December 21.

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Project Phases

Phase One - New goWMU - COMPLETE

The New goWMU launched Monday, July 11, introducing a contemporary, modern interface that makes finding systems, information, and support resources easier. This first phase focused on replacing the existing goWMU and establishing a foundation for future phases of the project. The current goWMU will be available until December 21, 2022.

goWMU Features Guide

Phase Two – Success Hub. Launching Spring semester 2023

Phase two will introduce student advising and success navigator services, chat, and chatbot. Students can access more academic and course-related data directly within goWMU and view information that will help them identify their success team and schedule appointments. Advisors and student success staff will have more information at their fingertips and tools at their disposal to help students achieve their goals.

Success Hub launches this Spring semester

Planning and Engagement

  • 150+ Planning Sessions

  • 59 Discovery Sessions

  • 1300+ People Engaged

  • 503 User Stories