COVID-19 Policies at a Glance


Sindecuse Health Center has deployed an enhanced University badging system to allow for easy COVID-19 safety communication on campus. Each day, individuals will be issued a digital badge that is based on their answers to the daily health survey and verified vaccination status. The badge quickly communicates one of three safety statuses:

  • The individual is exempt from wearing a mask on campus because their vaccination is verified and they report no COVID-19 symptoms or exposure.

  • The individual must wear a mask while indoors on campus, consistent with the new masking policy, because they do not have a verified vaccination.

  • The individual should not be on campus today.

At the time of their classes, faculty may ask students to display their daily badge and supervisors may ask the same of employees to their unit. 

For more information visit the Health Survey and Badge webpage.


Building Access and Hours

Summer building access will return to standard pre-pandemic summer operations. Please note that some areas have reduced summer staffing as a matter of pre-pandemic practice. Units should update their directories and websites to reflect up-to-date staffing and operating schedules. Everyone is encouraged to check unit websites for hours. Building and unit hours will no longer be maintained centrally. 


Capacity Limits

The state and Western have lifted all indoor and outdoor capacity limits, effective June 22.


Daily Health Survey

To enhance the safety of our campus, all students, faculty and staff must complete the daily health survey before coming to campus, unless they have had their vaccination status verified by Sindecuse Health Center. Vaccination-verified students, faculty and staff are not required to complete the daily health survey as long as they are not experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 or respiratory illness.


Hiring Practices

All divisions will return to the Human Resource processes for new hires as they stood on March 1, 2020. Vice-presidential approval is no longer necessary, except in cases where it is required in a division’s standard hiring process.


Housing Guest and Capacity

In on-campus housing, the guest policy and capacity limits will return to pre-pandemic standards. For more information, please contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life at (269) 387-4735.


Mask Requirements

Masking is required for students, faculty and staff indoors when on campus or any other University-controlled properties with the following exceptions:

  • You are fully vaccinated as verified by Sindecuse Health Center as indicated on your badge.

  • You have a medical exemption.

  • You are the only person in a closed space, such as an office with a door, and visitors are not expected.

  • You are in your own campus residence.

  • You are eating or drinking.

  • You are receiving medical care.

All visitors are asked to wear masks indoors, unless they have been fully vaccinated.