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There are several things you can do between now and your first day back working in-person on campus to ensure you have a productive first day.

First Day Back

Before you leave the house, make sure you have all the items you have prepared leading up to your first day back. Once back in the office, there are a few more items you may need to figure out. 

  • 1. Plug In and Power On

    Connect and power on your University-owned computer for the first time. Be ready to register on the network and perform updates.

    Reconnect your computer on campus

  • 2. Set Up Office Phone

    Identify telephone configuration changes, disable forwarding on your phone and check voicemail settings.

    Configure your phone

  • 3. Office or Building Issues?

    Use Bronco Fix-It to submit a request for maintenance, custodial or landscaping services.

    Submit a request

  • 4. Securely Log In

    Two-factor authentication (2FA) is required as part of the WMU login process for students, faculty and staff.

    Review 2FA best practices