A group of students standing on WMU's campus wearing masks.

WMU's General Safety Plan

 Each day, thousands circulate throughout WMU's campus, which is the size of a small city. Keeping campus safe this year will require everyone’s participation.

 There are four strategies to this:


Required of everyone while indoors, including in classrooms.

Rapid-result testing

Even for mild symptoms, testing is available to all on campus. Students and employees must complete a daily health screening. Everyone, including students, will be asked to isolate if they test positive.

Vigilant hygiene

Frequent hand washing and cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

Physical/social distancing

Maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from others while in public spaces. 


The best thing each of us can do is model these behaviors consistently; that’s how they become social norms. Every member of this University community has a role to play in keeping campus safe. 


Cleaning procedures

  • Be smart. Be safe. Be Broncos.