Bachelor of Science: Data Science

The Departments of Statistics and Computer Science announce the creation of a B.S. degree in Data Science beginning Fall 2015. Data Science is a rapidly evolving discipline and sits at the intersection of Statistics and Computer Science. This evolution has been driven by the exponential increase in processing power available and the ever-increasing amount of data now collected, stored and available in every facet of business, science and government. There is an ever-increasing need for big data, and going forward it is likely that most jobs for statistics graduates will include a big data component. It is also clear that many computer science undergraduate graduate job opportunities will involve big data as well. This B.S degree prepares practitioners in data science. For more information regarding the requirements of the B.S. in Data Science, please see the listing on the Statistics Department website

In addition to the discipline specific requirements, students must complete the university general education requirements. Some of these requirements can be met by certain courses required by the program.

Background Support

8 hours

Course number Course name Credits
Math 1220 Calculus I 4
Math 2300 Elementary Linear Algebra 4

Computer Science Core

15 hours

Course number Course name Credits
CS 2610 R Programming for Data Science 4
CS 3100 Storage and Retrieval of Big Data 3
CS 4900 Senior Design I 3
CS 4910 Senior Design II 2
CS 5821 Machine Learning 3

Statistics core

16 hours

Course Number Course Name Credits
Stat 2600 Statistics Using R 4
Stat 4640 Introduction to Statistical Computing 3
Stat 5680 Regression Analysis 3
Stat 5850 Applied Data Mining 3
Stat 5860 Computer Based Data Analysis 3

Electives: Choose two courses from the following

6 hours

Course Number  Course name Credits
CS 3400 Graphical User Interface Design  3
CS 3500 Introduction to Web Technologies  3
CS 4430 Database Management Systems  3
CS 5180 Introduction to Computer Modeling and Simulation  3
CS 5260 Parallel Computations I  3
CS 5300 Artificial Neural Systems  3
CS 5400 Designing of User Interfaces  3
CS 5430 Principles of Database Management Systems  3
CS 5550 Computer Networks and Distributed Systems  3
CS 5700 Computer Security and Information Assurance  3
CS 5820 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Techniques  3
Stat 5610 Applied Multivariate Statistical Methods  3
Stat 5660 Nonparametric Statistical Methods  3
Stat 5670 Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments  4
Stat 5820 Time Series Analysis  3

Other requirements

  • Writing course: CS 4900/4910. Both computer science and statistics faculty may advise here. Computer science projects are external, statistics projects are either external or through the Statistics Consulting Center.
  • All students are required to have a laptop computer.