WMU admission

Admission to Western Michigan University is granted only by the Office of Admissions. Applications are available at or by calling (269) 387-2000.

Application and admission requirements for the Online Certificate in Dance Studio Management can be found at:

For dual enrollment students, please see our dual enrollment policy.


Auditions for acceptance into a dance major are normally held in October, November and February. The audition consists of taking classes in ballet, jazz and modern, including sections designed to showcase quick-study and improvisation skills. Most accepted students enter the dance major program in the fall semester. The Department of Dance accepts a limited number of new majors for January depending on the number of majors that graduate in December. Spaces in the dance major are filled on a first-come, first-served basis from those accepted to the program. Once all available spaces are claimed, accepted students who still wish to attend will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which we have been notified of desire to major. We will notify all accepted students when all the dance major spots have been filled, and will then notify students on the waiting list in the event of a cancellation that enables them to major in dance at WMU. Preference is given to transfer and current WMU students who meet the admission criteria.

Dance minors are not required to audition.

For further information on auditions, please contact the Department of Dance Academic Advisor Debra Gambino at or (269) 387-3210. Please leave your valid email address in your message. Email is our most effective way to communicate with you.

For more information about additions, please visit the audition information page.


Prospective dance majors may also elect to apply for scholarships via the October or November auditions. Please visit the scholarships page to learn more.