contribute to wendy l. cornish endowed Dance Scholarship

In honor of Professor Emerita Wendy L. Cornish, who passed away on April 2, 2020, contributions to her endowed scholarship can be made here:

Wendy L. Cornish Endowed Dance Scholarship

Check the box next to her fund in the gifts box at the top of the page.

support our students

The Department of Dance provides many opportunities for its students to perform and participate in the dance community. Ventures such as the Great Works Project, Western Dance Project, and guest artist residencies are excellent opportunities for students to further develop their skills, make connections within the industry, and broaden their horizons. The Department of Dance also supports its students by providing scholarships, study abroad funds, building and technology enhancements, support for student projects and summer intensive workshops. The university is able to provide these possibilities through a variety of funding sources from tuition to tickets sales.  However, traditional funding sources only cover a portion of these endeavors—your contribution bridges the divide and makes these exciting undertakings possible. Giving to Western Michigan University's Department of Dance makes you more than a donor—you are a stakeholder in our efforts to provide an excellent education with actual performance experience and significant interactions with leading professionals.

There are two vital ways in which you can assist our department in supporting our students:

donate to the WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY Foundation

The mission of the WMU Foundation is to promote and provide donor investments to Western Michigan University. It accomplishes this mission by maintaining and enhancing an endowment fund, the income from which provides supplemental financial assistance for current University demands.

Donations made to the foundation can be specifically allocated to the Department of Dance via their online donation site:

Give to WMU Dance

Join Partners in Dance

Partners in Dance is the Western Michigan University Department of Dance's community support organization. This organization promotes greater awareness of dance in the community and encourages participation at dance events, as well as generates funds for scholarships, special projects and the Great Works Dance Project. For more information on the mission, membership, and activities of Partners in Dance please visit their website:

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