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Professor of Postcolonial Literature and English Education at Western Michigan University.

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I'm a junior, undergraduate majoring in English and Psychology, I am in the college of Education, and someday I will be a high school teacher.

Pages: A Man of the People, Men in the Sun, One Day of Life


I am Nicole Hamilton, a Sophmore at Western from Chicago, Ill. My major is English in Secondary Ed. I love reading and spending my spare time with friends.

Pages: Rebellion of the Hanged, No Longer at Ease, Involuntary Servitude


Studying Spanish and English in the area of Secondary Education can be a trip in and of itself, but my small town, country background prepared me for the adventure that I am now a part of here at Western Michigan University.

Pages: Heart of Darkness, Men of Maze, House behind the Trees


I am an MFA student with an emphasis in poetry here at WMU. I completed my under-grad work here as well, finishing with a double major in Creative Writing and Women's Studies. These are my main two areas of focus and interest along with history, geography and colonial and post-colonial literature and how these topics are all related through theory, literature, and time.

Pages: Second Class Citizen, The Selected Poems of Rosario Castellanos



Pages: Arrow of God, I Rigoberta Menchu, Postcolonial Controversies


I am a Graduate student in my second semester. I received my BA from Western in Dec. 2001 and I will be teaching part-time (ENGL 105) in the Fall.

Pages: Trozas, The Blood of Peace, B.Traven Mystery

MFA student in poetry with an emphasis in rhetoric and composition, I am an instructor of freshmen composition (love teaching), postcolonial literature aficionado (especially from the middle east), and have a love-hate relationship with web publishing. Not to mention an Allen Webb disciple (just kidding there).

Pages: The Nine Gaurdians, Woman at Point Zero, The Dark Child


I'm a full-time high school English teacher, a part-time MFA student with an emphasis in Fiction, and an overtime husband and father. Every postcolonial literature class should have a fire-breather, and I have happily filled that position for the Winter 2002 class.

Pages: God's Bits of Wood, Sankofa


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