Colonial & Postcolonial
Literary Dialogues

August Visitor (Arrival of White Men in an Ibibio Village) 1991.
Acrylic on Canvas, 36 1/4 x 72 1/2" (92x184 cm).
C.A.A.C. Jean Pigozzi Collection - Geneva.

Artist: Emmanuel Ekong Ekefrey from Lagos, Nigeria

"Even though he lives in Lagos, one of the largest metropolitan areas of Africa, Emmanuel Ekefrey bears witness through his painting to powerful attachment to his own Ibibio culture, akin to the Ibo group which occupies the southeastern part of Nigeria."

--From Contemporary Art of Africa, Edited by Andre Magnin with Jacques Soulillou. New York: Harry Abrahams, 1995, p. 50-3.

This painting exquistedly expresses the themes of colonial and postcolonial dialogue, reexaming the colonial encounter from the perspective of a contemporary Ibibio artist. There is much subtle commentary here as rich village life is captured in montage, African musical instruments contrast with western weapons, and joyous and sensitive encounter is balanced by skeptical look and intently gazing eyes.

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Colonial & Postcolonial Literary Dialogues

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