Colonial and Postcolonial
Literary Dialogues

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African Women Writers Explores challenges faced by African women writers and their reception in the United States.
Audience Audience presents a complex question for postcolonial writers and influences their work.
B. Traven Mystery B. Traven died in 1969 and his true identity will probably never be ascertained.  But, if one explores his work, it will become clear to the reader that the author's personality comes through in the writing.
Colonial Activity in the Americas An historical perspective on the European powers in the Americas provides context for the colonial / postcolonial dialogue.
Emancipation Emancipation is a vital theme for writers as diverse as CLR James, Olaudah Equiano, and Howard Zinn.
Etymology of Selected Words of Indian Language Origin It is often discussed the intellectual benefits - among many others - the British colonizer imparted to the Indian natives, but seldom is talked about the benefits reaped by the colonizer from a language & "a literature (Arabic, Sanskrit and other literary languages) admitted to be of small intrinsic value."
Indian Independence Historical perspective on Gandhi and the Indian independence movement.
Involuntary Servitude: The Variations of Slavery Slavery in its many forms, both past and present, including the exploitation of children and minorities.
Literary Influences Explores the intertextuality of postcolonial writing.
Literary Style vs Historical Accuracy Postcolonial writing is against the grain in its retelling of history and its use of literary styles.
Postcolonial Controversies Three ongoing controversies in Postcolonial studies involving David Stoll and Rigoberta Menchu; Chinua Achebe and Joseph Conrad; and Justus Reid Weiner and Edward Said center on the issue of misrepresentation and engage, not only the academic world, but also the world at large.
Religion Religion was central to the colonial project.

Colonial & Postcolonial Literary Dialogues

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