Meal Exchange

Meal Exchange is an option for students who have a meal and also have classes on Parkview Campus or at the Aviation College in Battle Creek (BTL Campus). This option allows students to use a swipe from their meal plan to get a "meal exchange" from Parkview Café or Bistro BTL instead of having to return to main campus to utilize their meal plan swipes.

close up of salad, soup, pepsi, green apple

Both Parkview Café and Bistro BTL have specified options that students may choose from for their Meal Exchange, but usually include one entrée, one side, one piece of whole fruit and one beverage.

How to use your meal plan for a meal exchange

  1. Once each meal period, students may use their meal plan to get a Meal Exchange option from Parkview Café or Bistro BTL.
  2. Choose a meal option from the designated selections.
  3. Let the cashier know you want to use your meal plan for a Meal Exchange; present your Bronco Card to the cashier to swipe for your meal. Please, no substitutions. Additional items not on the Meal Exchange menu may be purchased using Dining Dollars, cash or credit.

Parkview Café Bistro BTL Meal Plans