Contact-free Meals

WMU Dining Services is committed to providing appropriate meal accommodations to students who live in a Residence Hall on main campus who get sick due to COVID-19 or other serious illnesses throughout the semester.

Contact-free Options

  • Contact-free Meal Delivery

    For students with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or those who have been instructed by Sindecuse Health Center to go into isolation or quarantine due to potential exposure to COVID-19.

    Contact-free Meal Ordering

  • Symptomatic?

    For students who are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms and are waiting for a telehealth appointment, a test or test results from Sindecuse Health Center.

    Register for Contact-free

  • Contact-free Meal Delivery

    Contact-Free Meals are delivered frozen – please let a staff person know if you do not have a microwave, as Residence Life is able to lend you one during your quarantine/isolation period. Students can order up to 3 meals daily; please submit orders by 9 a.m. (but can be placed up to 7 days in advance). 

    • Students can access the online ordering system at any time; each day's orders should be finalized by 9 a.m. (orders can be placed up to 7 days in advance). Remember to press "Confirm order" to submit your selections! 
    • Lunch/dinner options can include up to 2 combos (protein, starch and vegetable), soup or salad,  piece of whole fruit, a cookie and a bottle of water. 
    • Breakfast includes 1 breakfast pastry, 1 container of yogurt, 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 serving of fresh fruit and containers of orange juice in addition to a bottle of water. Please ask for a vegan option in the comments, if needed.  
    • Packaged meals are delivered directly to the student's door between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. for lunch and between 5:30 and 7 p.m. for dinner. Appropriate and safe food handling procedures are followed. Please call the Bernhard Center kitchen at 269-387-4842 during business hours to report a missing meal (after 2 p.m. for lunch, after 7 p.m. for dinner). 

    For general questions around eligibility or meal options, please email Emily Hazel.

  • Sick Tray Meal Request

    Students who are seriously ill (with a negative diagnosis of COVID-19) and cannot leave their room for a meal may obtain a sick tray meal as follows:

    • Request RA, roommate or suite mate to pick up a “sick tray.” This person will need your WMU Bronco Card.
    • Review the online menu in advance to determine your selections from Grab’n Go during the current meal period.
    • Designated person will enter the Grab’n Go and notify the checker they are picking up “sick tray” and offer your WMU Bronco Card to scan. A manager will assist this person in finding the appropriate options requested.
    • The sick tray will consist of the available menu offerings in the Grab’n Go location at the time of the request. No special diet requests are possible.