Private Dining Rooms

  • Bronco Room in meal style setup

    Bronco Room

    Meal style room setup seats 56

  • Bronco Room in boardroom style setup

    Bronco Room

    A boardroom table set up seats 24

  • Bronco Room in classroom style setup

    Bronco Room

    A classroom setup seats 28

  • Westside room in classroom style setup

    Westside Room

    A classroom setup seats 46

  • Westside room in meal style setup

    Westside Room

    The meal style room setup seats 90

The following private dining rooms are available for reservations during normal operating hours and dates of the Valley Dining Center with the exception of the black-out dates and times listed below.

  • Westside Room: 90 seats
  • Bronco Room: 50 seats

All groups making reservations to utilize the Valley Dining Center private dining rooms must meet the following guidelines. A signed contract may be required.  

1.  Meal purchases or meal plan swipes for all guests are required for use of either private dining room.

2.  Reservations must be placed with the main Dining Office at (269) 387-4844.

3.  Reservations must be made no later than seven days in advance.

4.  Failure to show for your scheduled private dining room booking without 48-hour notice will result in a $25 cancellation fee billed to the responsible party. To cancel your booking, contact the Dining Services main office at (269) 387-4844.

5.  To reserve a private dining room, there must be a minimum of 50 people for the Westside Room and 20 for the Bronco Room. If a party has less than the minimum required, a $50 room reservation fee will be charged to the responsible party. The room reservation fee may be paid by: 1) credit card at the Valley Dining Center upon arrival on the day of the scheduled booking or 2) a fund/cost center at the time of booking the reservation. The room reservation fee may be subsequently applied if the party has insufficient guests actually using the room.

6. A completed signed room reservation contract, must be faxed to the Valley Dining Center (fax: (269) 387-4819) seven days in advance for the following types of reservations:

            a) a request for the classroom or boardroom set-up

            b) a request by a student group  

            c) a request to utilize the AV equipment in the private dining room.

7. A choice of three room set-up options are available: classroom, boardroom or meal style. Audio-visual equipment is available for use and must be requested upon room arrangement. All arrangements should be made upon reserving the private dining rooms with the Dining Services main office at (269) 387-4844.   

8. Upon placing a room reservation, the option for coffee beverage service is available for $2 per person for both private dining rooms. Coffee beverage service includes regular and decaf coffee along with coffee condiments available inside the private dining room. 

9. Any billable damages are the responsibility of the reserving group or department. Damages may result in loss of use privileges for the private dining room space.  The Dining Service Director will determine applicable charges for damages. The decision of the Dining Service Director is final.

10. Dining Services prohibits groups from bringing in their own food and beverage into any dining center. Dining Services also prohibits groups from taking food and beverage (*except when an EcoMug or EcoJug is used for a beverage) out of the dining center.

11. Dining Services reserves the right to refuse reservations or to cancel any reservation if an emergency arises, or if the space is needed to conduct normal business. As much advance notice as possible will be provided if a reservation must be canceled by Dining Services.

12. The room must be left in its original condition. Participants must return their dishes to the dish return area. A cleaning, replacement, and/or reset charge may be assessed if this policy is not followed. Under no circumstances may items in the private dining center (tables, chairs, A/V equipment, etc.) be moved from the room.

13.  Decorations such as balloons, banners and other various items will need to be approved by the Valley Dining Center General Manager, or designated manager prior to the event. Use of tacks, nails or cellophane tape will not be allowed. The individual booking the event will be required to submit a list of decorations upon booking. The Dining Services Director reserves the right to deny placement of any decorations in the private dining rooms.

14. Groups may only book events during Valley Dining Center hours of operation. Groups can stay no later than the daily closing time of the Valley Dining Center. 

15. Any type of solicitation is not permitted in Dining Service locations.

16. Any member of Dining Services or an individual student resident making a reservation on behalf of any external group should understand that the external group will be responsible for charges no matter who made the reservation. A department member or student does not have the option to reserve for an external group with the intent of changing status from an external to an internal reservation.

17. Failure to follow the outlined procedures and policies for using the private dining room may result in the loss of reservation privileges for the remainder of the academic year. 

In order to provide the best service possible to our students, Dining Services will not be taking private dining room reservations during the following dates and times:

  1. The start of the academic year: Aug. 26 through Sept. 27, 2021. 
  2. The last two Dining Services operating dates of each semester: Dec. 16 and 17, 2021 and April 28 and 29, 2022.