Supports Coordination

Supports Coordination services include planning, linking, advocating, coordinating and monitoring to assist consumers in gaining access to needed services, financial assistance, housing, employment, education, social services and other services and supports identified through the person centered planning process.

The Center for Disability Services desires to promote self-determination for individuals through supported arrangements in order to provide greater control and direction over their services. The supports coordinator offers each individual the opportunity to have an individual budget and self-directed supported arrangements.

Who are we?

The Center for Disability Services is administered through the College of Health and Human Services at Western Michigan University. WMU and the center offer rich educational and clinical training for students in the allied health professions.

Who can benefit?

Any adult individual with a developmental disability receiving services through Community Mental Health has the opportunity to access services through the WMU Center for Disability Services.

What can we do?

The Center for Disability Services provides a holistic approach to supports coordination by:

  • Assuring the provision of person centered planning.
  • Providing linkages to community resources for financial services, housing, employment, education and social services.
  • Coordinating services and supports.
  • Assisting individuals with maintaining and maximizing sources of financial support including: Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance, home help and food assistance.
  • Addressing health and safety issues.
  • Monitoring of public benefits.

Special services

The supports coordinator can assist individuals with accessing accredited providers from the Community Mental Health panel or assist with choosing and hiring providers and services.

Contact us

To speak with a supports coordinator, call (269) 387-7061.